How much would you have saved in one year with an infrared heating system?


It is important to ask ourselves what is the best heating option for our house or office. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, which makes the decision is not easy, but what if we told you that there is a particular system with which you would save considerably?

Being a new way to heat a space, it may seem that infrared heating can be expensive and more if we think about the electricity bill. But on the contrary, in the long run it is a great investment with which you can save a lot and here we explain why:

Once you have your infrared panel, you will ask yourself: what now? How much will the installation cost me? But to your surprise you must know that the installation only needs a power supply , as simple as that, neither works nor licenses. It is as easy as choosing the model that you like and placing it on the wall or on the ceiling.

Once installed, you can save up to 50%compared to centralized systems. This is because the performance of the infrared panels is much greater than the rest of the systems. The infrared panels require lower energy costs than traditional systems of electric heaters or boilers or combustion gas, so the energy bill for homes and businesses decreases considerably .

Did you know …

  • The infrared panels reduce the economic cost of ventilation as essential for maintaining healthy to practice spaces directly heat people and objects.
  • The infrared panels have a lifespan of more than 50 years and, as they lack mobile parts that can break, they do not require maintenance services .
  • The low-energy infrared panels start at 250 watts and go up to 800 watts, which are suitable for most domestic or business uses.
  • In comparison with the gas boiler, the most used heating system, represents an annual saving of 1740 US dollars apróx. what amounts to 145 US dollars per month.

When choosing our heating system, we must consider certain aspects: how much power it consumes, what expense it is going to bring to the month, how much I will pay for the installation and maintenance. In the following infographic you can see the differences between the main heating systems:



  • Biomass boiler: The most attractive thing is that it is ecological however it is not very efficient and expensive because they need a very large storage space for fuel. Therefore it supposes a very high cost in the installation and the maintenance.
  • Gas and oil boiler : It seems the most viable option since most areas have centralized gas installations or, where appropriate, propane or gas oil. However, the initial installation is quite complexand not exactly cheap. In addition, there are constant variations in the price of fuel, in addition to the damage to the environment that they cause. In addition it can take between 2 to 10 hours to heat an area which is not practical enough when we are constantly from one place to another.
  • Heat Pump : Although it is a very affordable system that has the possibility of cooling in summer, has very little thermal inertia and being a system based on air circulation, there are insulation problems that involve an expenditure of energy. Also when the outside temperature is extreme the batteries freeze and the performance decreasesconsiderably. Being air currents, it can dry the environment and be unhealthy.
  • Electric radiators : The main advantage is its cost, since compared to the previous ones it is much cheaper. Due to their low thermal inertia they are not made to heat large places. Its low performance is its main drawback.
  • And finally the jewel in the crown, the infrared panels : As you can see in the infographic, it is the most economical system , which supposes up to 50% of savings, besides the installation and maintenance cost is null because it does not it is necessary.

Now that you know what you would save in a year, you should be thinking about buying an Enerheating infrared panel , do not hesitate!

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