What is the best Garrett metal detector of 2018

DIY-and-tools metal detector

If you are one of those amateur detectors and you have time without taking a look at the new range of metal detectors, it’s time for you to update, so check everything that has been designed year after year, designed for those users who are interested in the search of objects with precision.


Comfort in terms of grip and lightness are essential characteristics when selecting a metal detector, this due to the long periods that you will spend looking for objects on the beach, the field or simply in your garden. Teams like these are sold in large masses, but not all have those qualities that customers expect so much after they have been acquired. That is why you should not rush your purchase in order to always keep in mind the options that are most popular in the market. So never forget that a bad purchase will not only make you lose money, but time and may even discourage you from doing different tasks that you have in mind thanks to the bad choice.

However, the power and durability offered by the product is not the only latent concern, since you should always look for equipment that guarantees the most optimal and sustainable energy consumption, as well as taking care of our health. This is important since we are talking about a type of device whose emission of slings and electromagnetic impulses can affect our well-being.

Then you can learn more about one of the best models of metal detectors, it has quickly positioned itself in the first links of the comparative lists of its range. It is then the Garrett Ace 250 metal detectors, the number one product in sales worldwide. So, the invitation is open to read and decant a little about its outstanding attributes.



Garrett Ace 250


Main advantage

The equipment bases its operation by means of two sets of alkaline batteries, so there will be no discomfort due to any power cable.


Main disadvantage

Some users have indicated the absence of the protector for the plate and helmets, this despite the fact that in the descriptions of the product stipulates its inclusion.




Main characteristics explained


Power supply

As technology advances manufacturers of almost all electronic items seek greater performance for their equipment, although some ignore the importance of ecological sustainability.

However, the necessary thing is always to offer a great comfort and versatility of use to all the users at the time of performing the performance of the equipment. Therefore, Garrett Ace 250 metal detectors opt for the traditional basing their power through 4 high quality AA alkaline batteries, which are included with the product at the time of purchase.

So they will be behind those annoying cables and / or batteries of unique design in their type, conditioning the use of it when it is discharged while it is in search of some type of metal object.




If we remember those long summer afternoons where our parents used to take us to the beach, we could observe that some people spent part of their afternoon looking for objects buried in the sand, with those headphones some keys and a kind of case that hung from their pants.

Those obsolete metal detectors used by some people have been transformed, as is the case of the Garrett Ace 250, its excellent and innovative design will allow you to enjoy a product of high resistance over time, its comfort and design will make the time stop, leaving behind those annoying cables and above all annoying noises. Of black tonality together with yellow, telescopic handle of great ergonomics and a support for your forearm, this equipment will be easily coupled regardless of whether you are left or right handed.


Functionality and dimensions

Many items with similar characteristics are sold, but none like the Garrett Ace 250 metal detectors. This model has a graphic target 12-segment cursor controlled by a unique microprocessor in its design, this unique device will allow you to adjust the depth and sensitivity to up to a range of 8 levels by means of an electronic locator.

Now, not only those characteristics make it the most viable option to include it in the shopping list, but its weight of approximately 2 kilograms distributed in dimensions of 28.2 x 56.1 x 13 centimeters generates an ideal balance to carry I get it for long periods of time. All this, without finishing exhausted after a long day of work in mines, an afternoon of detectoafición on the beach, the field or in the garden of your home.

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