The best mini air compressors 2018

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The best mini air compressors

Mini air compressor – Buying Guide, Opinions, and Analysis in 2018


If you do not want to let your breath inflate balloons and beach mats or just want to have a suitable compressor to inflate your tires where you need it, the mini air compressors are just what you’re looking for. We speak of compact products, with an adequate generation of air and pressure and that you can plug into the car or the current, depending on the model, to be able to take them where necessary. As a favorite model of the users of these moments, we find the Ymiko DC 12V 120W 150 PSI capable of generating up to 35 liters of air and around 150 PSI of pressure for any use you want to give, in a compact weight of only 1.12kg. Similar characteristics define the Ring RAC635 model, capable of inflating a conventional tire in just 3 minutes with an equivalent pressure of up to 35 PSI and that you can also use to inflate your balls and other beach objects.


What is the best mini air compressor on the market?


If you have small children you will surely already know what you are suffering from having to inflate floats, mats and other beach toys. And if you usually travel by road more than once you will have missed an inflator for your tires. Especially when after arriving at a gas station you find that the inflator is broken or fails. To avoid these problems, the mini air compressors offer you a quality alternative that you can use and get there where you need it. So that you want to know more about these products consult our guide to buy the best mini air compressor depending on what you need. Take a breath, we started.


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Inflation capacity

As the name says, the mini air compressor has a considerable air generating capacity, although certainly limited to some specific uses. Obviously, these products are not going to offer you a capacity to use pneumatic tools, but this is not really the objective either.

Said the previous thing if it is necessary to take into account that concrete use we are going to give to the apparatus in order to be able to know exactly the pressure that we need. In the specific cases in which we want to inflate beach and similar objects, we will usually have enough with products that are capable of working with about 30 PSI, since these objects do not have great inflation requirements.

If we intend to use the product for tire inflation or for other more demanding uses we can choose the models that we find in the market and that can reach up to 150 PSI, being able to inflate tires in a couple of minutes or little more. In any case do not forget to see both the inflation pressure and the output capacity of the product in liters, which must also be in line with these needs we have raised.


Compressor power

Regarding the electrical power supply of the equipment, we can have three types of compressors or three different operating systems. The first of these involves being able to connect the product to the conventional electrical network so that you can use it at home without any problems or difficulties. The second system we find are the products designed to be able to operate in mobility, with a system that can be connected directly to your car’s cigarette lighter, so you can take it anywhere without any problem while traveling by your car.

As a third system, we find the mixed model, perhaps the most recommended since there is not much difference in how much the product costs compared to the other two models, which allows you to use the product both at home and outside of it.

Since the performance of the compressor is usually the same when it comes to inflation results, you only have to choose what you can need in order to obtain better results. By the way, some models include a battery that allows you to take the product where you need it without worrying about having a plug nearby.

Additional functions

Since air compressors do not have much science, the truth is that in any comparison of mini air compressors one of the differences are marked by the options or additional functions of the product. Among these functions, we can find, for example, that they come including the different elements for inflation of all kinds of products, such as tires, mattresses or balloons among others.

Another option that should be sought is the built-in flashlight, which can be found even in the most economical models, and that helps us to be able to work when the darkness is present and it is really necessary to be able to work removing nuts or looking for the valve, for example. Another element to highlight is the pressure indicator since this is usually a mechanical type, but in more advanced models it becomes a backlit LED indicator of excellent quality that helps you to see the level in one fell swoop. of existing pressure and what pressure you want to achieve.

Obviously, this last element is not necessary for all models, but it is more recommended to be able to inflate tires easily. In any case, adopt these additional functions according to your preferences and what you may need.


What is the best mini air compressor of 2018?


Being able to inflate mattresses, balloons, bathroom and beach elements or even a small mattress to sleep is something that the help of a compressor airtight size helps us. For this, we have some models, which we have selected among the best mini air compressors of 2018 so that you can choose which is the best mini air compressor according to your specific needs.


Recommended Products


DBPOWER 12V DC Air Compressor Pump

DBPOWER 12V DC Air Compressor Pump



Main advantage:

The biggest advantage of this air compressor is its power of 10bar / 100psi, which allows the generation of 35 PSI in only 4.8 minutes making it one over the most powerful compressor in the market.


Main disadvantage:

Some users say it takes a long time to inflate the tires of cars from scratch with the help of this compressor, although it is clear that this takes a considerable period because the tires are often inflated with professional devices of mechanics and not with mini-compressors. air.


Verdict: 9.7 / 10

This product meets the need of users who need a powerful air compressor for any type of inflation work. This feature is useful for those who usually complain about the annoying task of inflating objects such as balloons, mattresses, life jackets, among others.







In addition to having a power that is preferred among buyers, this compressor has a weight of 2.2 lbs, which makes it a compressor easy to move to wherever it is necessary. On the other hand, this product is designed in a compact way, so that it does not occupy much space in the place of the home where it is stored and it is not too expensive when it is being manipulated. With regard to its dimensions, this compressor is valued positively by users due to its measured practices.

With a height of 7.5 inches, a length of 3.9 inches and a width of 7.5 inches, this model offers comfort to anyone who acquires it. Also, the structure of the compressor includes a support designed especially to be held by the hand of the buyers in a comfortable way to be moved from one place to another.

air compressor size



One of the biggest problems of consumers of air compressors is that once purchased some model, it is suitable for some objects and not for others, so they are limited in what a variety of products trained for inflation is concerned. This problem is solved with the DBPOWER 12V DC Air Compressor Pump because it includes three adapters, each specialized to satisfy a different need.

Among the functions of the adapters is the inflation of both technical and complicated objects, such as bicycle and car tires, as well as less complex items such as mattresses or life preservers. This feature is notoriously useful for those people who need a compressor with a variety of adapters in inflated.

air compressor



Before buying any product, nowadays users are careful to investigate what are the feeding mechanisms that it has. This product is no exception because the power supply system of this mini-air compressor is approximately 12 volts.

Usually, the problem arises that the users do not have sufficient sources of currents when connecting compressors with a remarkable power like this due to the power system they include. However, this model is designed to be plugged into the user’s car cigarette lighter.

This quality offers buyers the opportunity to take the air compressor wherever they need it without having to remove it from the car.






Ring RAC635


If you’re interested in keeping your tires under control without having to worry about having a gas station nearby, the Ring RAC635 model is an excellent choice.

This product incorporates a novel digital sensor with which you can see both the current level of pressure of the product and the level you want to obtain in order to establish the pressure you need at all times.

To obtain this pressure, the equipment has a 35 PSI compressor capable of inflating a tire completely in no more than 3 minutes. The equipment also serves as a flashlight, with emergency lights and conventional, to give you greater security.

And to top it off you have adapters for everything you want to inflate, in a simple way. A product fed directly from the lighter so that nothing stops you and that is considered the best mini air compressor by price-quality ratio at present.

If you are looking for a functional model, the Ring RAC610 is one of the most striking and cheapest models at this time. Let’s see its advantages:



Tires: This model of mini air compressor comes with a tire deflation valve.

Safe: It has an integrated white light for night lighting and also has a red warning light / SOS. It also has a pressure indicator in psi, kpa and / or bar.

Flexible: This product has a flexible air tube that also has a threaded rod connector for adjustment and comfort.

Practical: It has independent switches on and off and also has a light switch, mentioned above. It is also completed with a useful storage box.

Speedy: This model is equipped with a 12V power connector with fuse. Guarantees the inflation of a tire in less than 3 minutes .



Valve: A user has reported that by screwing and unscrewing the valve, the air escapes a little, but does not impede the operation of the equipment.





Suaoki RCP-C43L Mini


We all think that an air compressor has to be something big, but the Suaoki RCP-C43L Mini model shows us that it is not like that. This model is not only cheap and small, but it has an excellent quality, as evidenced by its ability to inflate up to 120 PSI.

An ideal pressure for both tires and any other element such as balls or beach products. The equipment has a 3 meter cable that, after connecting it to the lighter, allows to move comfortably through the vehicle.

A product that also has the approximate size of a tablet, so it is easy to carry and save. Its indicator offers an adequate control of the pressure while your flashlight helps you when darkness is present.

The Suaoki RCP-C43L Mini is compact and offers, what could be, the best mini air compressor of the moment. Take a look at its advantages:



Weight: It is very light and portable. It has a weight of 0.33 kg and is equipped with a cable 3 meters long and also has a plug for powering the equipment.

Practical: This model of mini air compressor is very simple to operate. It has an LED light to visualize the entire inflation process.

Adaptable: It has 3 nozzles and adapters, a bicycle adapter, a needle and a plastic valve adapter.

Inflated: It has different units to display as needed, for example, BAR, PSI or KPA.

Packaging: This product has an Oxford bag, which helps keep the product safe to move and use anywhere.



Valve: A user has indicated that air escapes a little when the valve is disconnected from its screw.





Oasser Portable Air Compressor Mini Air Inflator 

Compared to the models that we have already seen, the GHB IE-150 compressor is not only used for its connection to a cigarette lighter but also to the power supply. We speak therefore of a model that serves as a mini 220v air compressor and also a 12 volt with different plugs for each utility you need.

In fact you can even use it with its internal battery, so you do not have to have a plug nearby. The equipment allows inflating up to 150 PSI, counting with a regulator and a digital screen that helps you maintain control over the process.

Its elegant bar-shaped design, with measures of 20 centimeters in length and about 55 in diameter, make it very easy to take where you need it, as well as being able to use it without problems.

If you have doubts about which mini air compressor to buy, the characteristics of the GHB IE-150 can be the solution to this doubt. Let’s see its advantages:



Practical: This product is very easy to use. Just turn it on and place the nozzle that we need, connect it and the tire inflates without problems. Also, once it reaches the necessary pressure, it turns off.

Visible: This mini air compressor has an LCD screen where you can observe the tire pressure. By pressing the “UNIT” button, you can change the unit with respect to the pressure measurement between BAR, PSI, Kg and KPA.

Charge: It has a 12V AC / DC power adapter for the car and another AC charging adapter.

Lighting: It also has the function of flashlight with LED light.



Battery: A person who has already purchased this product indicates that it does not have a battery status indicator, but that it does not affect its operation.





AUDEW Portable Air Compressor Pump

Finally, we talk about another basic model such as the AUDEW Portable Air Compressor Pump .This compressor offers a just right feature which shuts off after the right tire pressure is achieved and a starting default value defaults of 30PSI and a maximum of 100PSI.

The equipment has an adjusted weight of 16 ounces, as well as a compact design to take it where you need it. The product is designed for inflating small products such as balloons, tires, mattresses and other items, so if you do not want to spend too much, it is a good option, both for functions and performance.

The product is accompanied by the different accessories you need to be able to use it with practically any product.

The characteristics of the  AUDEW Portable Air Compressor Pump make it the best mini air compressor for under $50.



Powerful: This model of mini air compressor is powerful and also has a pressure gauge in Kg, Bar, and PSI.

Connectable: Comes equipped with a power connector and can also be connected to the cigarette lighter.

Accessories: It has an on / off switch in the additional device and also comes with 2 nozzles, an adapter needle a bicycle adapter and LED built-in light for easy night use.

Wiring: It has a 3.0 m 12 V cable.

Torch light: Can be used as a tourch



Noise: A person who has already purchased and used this equipment indicates that it can become very noisy at times, but that is already at the discretion of the buyer and their perception of the noise of the product.





Ymiko DC 12V 120W 150 PSI Car Air Pump with Auto Shut Off

The is a classic, not only to perform these small inflation tasks but even to give a little more air to the tires of your car or your van if you need it.

For this, you have a high-quality compressor with a generation capacity of up to 35 liters per minute at a maximum pressure of up to 10 bar or 150 PSI. This pressure is more than enough for those small inflation jobs and also performs in more demanding jobs.

This model is designed to be carried in your car, with an adjusted weight of just 3.4 pounds and a 12-volt power supply system that you can plug directly into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, so you can take the air where you want it. precise.

It is not surprising with so much good that this model is considered the best mini air compressor by consumers.

If you have doubts about which is the best brand of mini air compressor, check out the advantages of the different models you can get. It comes with 1 Year-Warranty & Accessories w/4 Pcs



Power: The power of this model of mini air compressor is 10 bar / 150 psi maximum.

Current: Its operating 120W

Powerful: This product can blow up to 35 liters of discharge pressure per minute. Which indicates a lot of power.

Adaptable: Includes 4 adapters for the following uses: bicycle wheels, air mattresses, among other uses that can be given to this model of the mini air compressor.

Operation: The operation of the product lighter is about 12 volts.




Noise: The box said low noise compare to other models but it same the make as much sound as the other models we reviewed.





How to use a mini air compressor


There are some jobs or tasks that we must do at home that require the use of tools that allow us to use or handle the air pressure, such as painting or simply fill the tire of a bicycle. For these simple tasks have been designed the minis air compressors that are easier to handle for their size.

For which tasks you can use it

The tasks for which you can use your mini air compressor are varied, but the most important thing is that it is very efficient and will help you to perform jobs more quickly and cleanly.

First, the most common use you can give is to fill the tires of your car, motorcycle or bicycle. To paint or varnish you can also use it; just connect it to the guns. Similarly, you can use them to inflate balloons, swimming pools, life jackets, inflatable boats and everything that has this feature.


Take into account the power supply

There are two ways to operate your mini air compressor. One is by connecting it to a common power source and the other is by installing it directly on the car’s battery. If you are going to use the first option, which is very common when you are at home, you should make sure that the source voltage is compatible with the motor voltage. If there is no match in this, the tool may be damaged.

The other option of making the connection to the battery is more common when you are on the road, but it is also simple. You only have to adapt a pair of crocodiles to the power cord of the compressor and these, in turn, connect them to the positive and negative terminals of the battery.

How to use it

Using a mini compressor is extremely simple. To fill the tire of your car you just have to attach the compressor head to the air inlet of the tire. This done, you must connect the tool either to a power source or to the car battery.

Next, move the mini compressor switch to turn it on; he will immediately begin to do his job. You can use the regulator to control the amount of air you use for filling. In the gauge, you can see how much air has entered the tire. When you have reached the level you want, move the switch again to turn it off.


Maintenance that you must give

So that you can make use of your mini compressor for a long time, it is necessary that you provide maintenance periodically so that its components remain in good condition.

Start by checking the oil level of the machine; this will help maintain good internal lubrication. Change the oil one week after using the tool for the first time; then the period for new changes should be 4 to 6 weeks.

The place where you keep the mini compressor must be ventilated to avoid the accumulation of heat and must also be free of polluting substances.



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