air compressor maintenance
air compressor


  • Air compressor
  • Current protector
  • Protective glasses


  • Avoid unscrewing any connection with the air receiver under pressure. Always make sure that the air receiver is empty.
  • Do not direct water or flammable liquids to the compressor.
  • Never direct the air nozzle to people or animals.
  • If the compressor is used to paint:
    • Do not operate in an enclosed space or near flames.
    • Make sure that the room you are working in is well ventilated.
    • Use a mask to protect your nose and mouth.
  • The feed tube of the head or cylinder can reach high temperatures. Do not touch these parts when working near them to avoid burns.



1 After removing the compressor from its packaging place the wheels and the rubber sheave in the tanks when they are not installed.
2 Place the intake filter in the compressor.
3 Remove and replace the transport plug (without hole), installed in the crankcase lid, by the work plug (with hole), which is in the accessory bag attached, before connecting the compressor.
4 Before connecting the compressor, place oil through the oil filler hole to the level indicated on the sight glass on the crankcase cover.Check the oil level before each use.


1 Check that the ignition knob is in the “0” off position. Insert the plug into the current protector and start the compressor by pulling the ignition knob to the “I” on position.
2 The operation of the compressor is completely automatic and is controlled by the pressure switch that causes it to stop when the pressure in the air receiver reaches the maximum level and starts again when it goes down to a lower level
3 After connecting the compressor to the air line, operate it with load at maximum pressure and make sure the machine is working properly.
4 Before starting work, leave the compressor on for several minutes with the air valve fully open to allow the lubricant to distribute correctly. After the first 5 hours of operation, check that the head and leveling screws of the engine are tight.

Adjustment of working pressure

1 Releases the outlet valve, adjusts the pressure to the required level by turning the regulator knob, and resets the outlet valve.

Maintenance and oil change

1 Every 50 hours of operation you must change the filter.
2 After the first 5 hours of operation, you must completely replace the oil. Loosen the oil drain plug on the side of the crankcase and allow the oil to drain. Screw the cap again. You must change oil every 150 hours of work.

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