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Oil represents a crucial element in mechanical and electrical equipment. It is responsible for lubricating, cooling and maintaining the machines working correctly. It is an important resource; Maintaining it in the best way helps the environment and also reduces operating expenses. In this article will look at some of the best oils for your air compressor.

In compressors, oil is an extremely important component. It is responsible for critical functions; It is essential to review and change it continuously.

As we review important data and recommendations regarding the use of lubricants or oil in air compressors, we recommend taking these data into consideration in order to have an efficient operation.

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Some of the best-rated oil compressors

DEWALT D55001 Synthetic Compressor Oil, 1 Quart

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The Dewalt D55001compressor oil has an  ISO-100 viscosity (equivalent to 30 weight) non-detergent oil. This all-weather synthetic compressor oil helps your compressor starts when the temperature is lows and prevent leakage and shut off when the temperature is high. It provides great protection in extreme temperature and allows superior efficiency as your compressor works. This Dewalt air compressor oil improves efficiency while offering superior protection in extreme temperatures, and provides maximum lubrication for your compressor. The D55001 prevents carbon accumulation on compressor valves and anti-wear protection, increasing your compressor’s life. This air compressor gives you one year one year or 200 hours of an oil change. The Dewalt D55001 compressor oil can be used with compressor brands such as DewaltRol-AirJ-Air and any other types of compressor that uses oil.

Powermate 018-0060CT Air Compressor Oil




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Powermate 018-0060CT Air Compressor Oil is designed and engineered with the best mixture of additives that add extra life to your air compressor by inhibiting premature wear and tear. This is an all-weather oil that gives your oil compressor quick start during cold temperature.Conveniently packaged in a 1-Quart bottle with an easy to read oil level indicator this Powermate option is easy to utilize. Powermate is one of the world’s leading brands of portable and standby electric generators, air compressors, water pumps, air tools, pressure washers, and accessories.


Campbell Hausfeld Oil Compressor 16oz

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The Campbell Hausfeld ST1253 Air Compressor Oil provides the proper mix of lubricants to keep your pump operating and help extend its life. This high-quality, 30 weight, non-detergent, single viscosity oil prolongs life by reducing valve carbon build-up. Operating an oil-lubricated air compressor without oil is like running your car without oil. This non-detergent oil is ideal for all air compressors and is packaged in a 16-ounce bottle.

The role of oil in compressors

Like any machine with a wide range of moving mechanical parts, an air compressor requires a fluid that cools, lubricates and seals air leaks while it is in operation. Like a car, a compressor uses oil for these purposes.

However, the lubricant used by the compressors is completely different from that of the cars. In the compressors, the oil is designed and calibrated specifically for the components of the equipment. Using automobile lubricant for a compressor means a potential disaster for the equipment. It is always recommended to use lubricants manufactured for air compressors to have an efficient operation.

When should I change the oil in my compressor?

The oil change should be done regularly to have an optimum viscosity. Like conventional lubricants, compressor oil degrades over time and requires a record of when the last oil change was.

The intervals to make the change can vary depending on the brand and the type of oil, for example, there are lubricants for screw compressors that can last 8,000 hours, others are designed for 6,000 hours. Piston compressors require an oil change every 180 days. It is also important to check the oil filter and consider what the environment of the plant where my equipment is. The more dust and temperature you have in the environment, it is recommended to change the oil before recommended.

How to choose an oil for an air compressor?

What to look for when you are buying air compressor oils. When buying air compressor oil you have a choice of mineral or synthetic, so what are the differences.

The difference between a synthetic oil vs. Mineral is as follows:
Synthetic oil is a category of lubricant which, due to the nature of its design, is formulated with a more powerful antioxidant than a mineral lubricant, this allows the lubricant to not age or lose chemical characteristics as fast as a mineral oil.
As a direct benefit is that by not losing chemical characteristics the synthetic lubricant has
higher conditions to be used with more number of hours or kilometers than a mineral oil.
It is common to hear that the period of change of synthetic lubricants can be extended for longer than the mineral and that is indeed an advantage.
Total Lubricants is an extensive range of products that protect your mechanical equipment and keep the engine younger for longer. The duration of compressor oils is defined by the environmental factors and their composition. Mineral oils are economical, synthetic oils have a longer life and generate less friction and wear.

Temperature. During compression, a sharp increase in temperature occurs. In piston compressors used at high pressures, the temperature of the compressed air can reach 160 ° C; in oil-injected screw compressors, the temperature ranges between 80º and 110º C. At these temperatures the lubricant must continue to lubricate without rusting.

Other important characteristics of compressor oil have good protection against wear and corrosion, and limited friction. Synthetic oils can be of three types or categories, esters, polyglycols, and PAO read more to learn about them.

Your compressor manufacturer may recommend a specific oil for your current machine you should also follow those recommendations.


Efficient use of oil in compressors

Having a compressor that uses oil efficiently can make a big difference. When choosing a compressor it is recommended to carry out an analysis of the type of oil included in the equipment, what are its intervals, the cost and the application for which it is recommended. There are synthetic oils of 6,000 hours such as MAC Rot FG which is a food grade oil, there are also long-lasting oils and recommended when the equipment is going to be subjected to high temperatures such as MAC Rot FG; Another example is the Quinsyn-PG oil, which has a high viscosity index and represents excellent corrosion protection. These are examples of various options for the operation and application of a compressed air equipment.



Temperature. During compression, a sharp increase in temperature occurs. In piston compressors used at high pressures, the temperature of the compressed air can reach 160 ° C; in oil-injected screw compressors, the temperature ranges between 80º and 110º C. At these temperatures the lubricant must continue to lubricate without rusting.



A lifespan of the lubricant between 5 and 10 times longer.
The duration of the oil for compressors depends closely on the temperature. Basically, because the oxidation speed of a lubricant increases exponentially above 70º C.

For example, an oil subjected to increases in temperature up to 70 ° C could have a duration of 8000 hours of work while if we increased 10 ° C more up to 80 ° C would be reduced its life to 4000 hours. The oxidation is visible by a dark sticky deposit (“sludge”).

Other factors that affect the degradation of lubricants for compressors are the dimensions of the contact surfaces, the pressure and the impurities of the aspirated air.


Change intervals, a mineral oil for a screw compressor is recommended to change it every 2000 hours, with a synthetic oil we can reach change intervals of 8000 to 10000 hours. They are notably more expensive but their duration is also much longer.

And they last more precisely because the synthetic oils for compressors behave much better and have more resistance to carbonization and inflammation as well as providing better lubrication and reducing friction.

Equipment manufacturers usually recommend lubricants of the same brand for a certain type of equipment. Following these instructions together with the indicated advice undoubtedly represents an efficient operation and a longer life for our compressed air equipment.











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