Benefits of using an air compressor

air compressor

The air compressors are tools increasingly used both domestically as a professional for the benefits they provide during work. Its main benefit is that the pneumatic energy they produce is economical and safe to use since there are no risks of fires or other accidents.

The compressors are used for a variety of tasks in the home, such as powering different types of tools such as paint guns, which can be used for simple jobs such as painting door frames and windows or pneumatic tools such as drills, nailers, and hammers.

Another common use is to maintain the pressure of the wheels of cars, motorcycles, and bicycles, as well as inflate various inflatable objects such as mattresses, beach toys and balloons.

The compressors work transforming the mechanical energy into pneumatic energy as it is the case of the tools that we named in the previous paragraph. For this the compressor takes air from the environment and with the piston compresses it using electric power, the air is then stored in the tank until it is necessary.

During the operation of the device, the compressor performs a double task, that of compressing the air and of expelling it at high pressure in order to give energy to other tools or to inflate objects depending on the use that we want to give it. In this guide, we will be listing the various benefits associated with the use of an air compressor.

1) Practical and reliable


One of the main advantages of air compressors is that they are easy to use since they do not have complicated controls as is the case of other tools that use motors. Simply turn them on and we will be generating the compressed air we need for the task at hand.

As mentioned in the introduction, air compressors can be used for a large number of tasks, which multiplies their uses to become an essential tool for any workshop for both professionals and amateurs. Thus we can perform various jobs in the home with comfort.

Similarly, air compressors are easy to maintain because they require only some routine maintenance to ensure proper operation and prolong the life of the device.

Example of some of these tasks is: drain all the water that remains in the device product of condensation by the low temperatures: the water to be mixed with oil is toxic and can become corrosive if left inside the unit.

Another example is the regular change of both oil and filter. There are also models without oil in the market, which makes the compressor maintenance even easier.

Finally, it is a reliable tool because it emits clean energy, consumes little electricity and there is no risk of fires during its use. Perhaps their most notorious defect is that they are usually noisy especially when working in enclosed spaces.

2) Pneumatic tools

air compressor

One of the most common functions of air compressors is their ability to give energy to pneumatic tools, that is to say, that they use compressed air as a power supply.

This is an advantage because tools of this type are usually easier and practical to operate since they do not have their own engine. In this way they tend to be lighter, compact and ergonomic than other similar models, this also allows them to operate for longer without fatigue occurring in the engine and in reduced workspaces.

In the same way , pneumatic tools are safer and more reliable since, since they do not have an engine, their maintenance is minimal, thus reducing the possibility of damage.

On the other hand, the use of compressed air reduces the risk of accidents such as electric shock or fire if we are working in an environment with combustible substances.

Another advantage of this type of tool is that they save electricity, which also translates into a saving of money in the long term.

Following the topic of economics, pneumatic tools are usually cheaper than electric and fuel, which are easier to replace in case of a flaw or to complete our set of tools.

Finally, the ability to give energy to pneumatic tools will give us versatility in home repairs as we can use drills, hammers, nailers for roofing and paint guns among others.

In addition to work faster we can increase our productivity in domestic tasks as if we are DIY enthusiasts and carpentry.

3) Wheel maintenance and inflation


The other important function of air compressors is their ability to inflate various objects such as beach toys, inflatable mattresses, balloons and of course motorcycle wheels, bicycles and cars.

Maintaining the pressure recommended by the manufacturer on the wheels is essential but its maintenance and ensure that they have a long service life.

In addition, it will help us to make the car work better because it optimizes the use of fuel and the speed it reaches when we are rolling, as well as providing safety by improving grip.

That is why an air compressor is one of the preferred tools for drivers.

In the market, you can even find models designed specifically to carry in the car that works with the 12v socket of the car cigarette lighter. In this way, we will always be prepared for any eventuality on the road.

However, it is important to remember that air compressors only serve to replace air losses in the wheels. They are also useful tools for excursions as they will help us in inflating mattresses and other objects that are usually carried as soccer balls or beach toys.

In conclusion, it is a versatile tool with a wide range of uses that will help us in the home or in the car.

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