Air compressors: what they are for and types of compressors

air compressor

What are compressed air compressors? What are they for and where are they used? How many types of compressors are there? In this post, we will give answers to these questions. We’ll start with a brief definition of air compressor

What is an air compressor?

They are the devices that provide energy to tools and a multitude of machines in multiple productive sectors. That is, it is a driving force and replaces electricity because it is safer and cheaper. Compressed air compressors are capable of operating entire industrial buildings.

The most common industrial applications are in the field of loading and unloading processes, pneumatic transport, drying, and molding. Another important area is the transport of bulk material or liquids

Where is an air compressor used?

In many places. There are compressed air compressors for home use or for professionals. With them, there is an infinity of industrial equipment but they can also be used to cut materials, crush rock in a quarry, drill holes if we refer to professional uses.

The most used industrial level usually have pneumatic power and with them, you can perform some operations such as stapling, riveting, drilling, screwing …

The most common compressed air equipment are:

  • For the projection of paints, lacquers, and varnishes

Vaporize paints, lacquers or varnish so that they can be applied to components and products

  • Tools operated by air

Pneumatic tools are lighter and easier to handle than electric tools

  • Pneumatics for lifting equipment

For the lifting operations, you can use an endless number of airlifts, which are small and compact

  • Blasting or blasting tools

Compressed air is used to propel sand or grit. USed for cleaning tasks.

  • Refrigeration and heating

The air can create large amounts of cold air for cooling in industrial processes. The same tubes can be reversed to produce air at high temperature and therefore for heating.

  • Portable shot blasting

They are portable compressors with combustion engines that operate in mobile blasting units.

  • Mobile Paint Spraying

They are for use at the point of use of the paint spray. We are talking about portable compressors.

What should you consider in a compressor?

When choosing a compressor you should take into account:

  • The tank

Most compressors have a tank to store air of different dimensions. You must choose the model that best suits your needs, taking into account, of course, the power of the tool you are going to use.

  • The flow

The amount of compressed air you can store or expel. The flow will also help you choose the power you need. As a general rule, you can take into account that for each power horse, a flow of 100 liters of compromised air per minute is achieved.



Types of compressors

There are countless compressors. We are going to highlight some used in many productive processes:

  1. Rotary pallet compressors
  2. Lubricated screw compressors
  3. Piston compressors
  4. Variable speed compressors
  5. Oil-free screw compressors
  6. Portable compressors
  7. High-pressure compressors
  8. Nitrogen generators PSA

As you have seen there is an infinity of air compressors. Both for use in household tasks and in industrial processes. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the one that best suits your needs, so do not hesitate to contact a specialist to help you with your choice.


Do you use air compressors in your home or workplace? Tell us in the comments how you use them and for what.

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