10 ways to extend the life of your air compressor

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10 ways to extend the life of your air compressor

If you have worked with air compressors surely you want them to last as long as possible and in the best conditions, for this you just have to take into account a few tips and your compressor will live more “happy”.

1. Be sure to read the compressor manual carefully.

When you read the manual of your air compressor, you will learn tricks and tips that you would not otherwise think of. Knowing these things will help you prolong the life of your air compressor by a long way.

2. Always check the oil level.

If the compressor takes the oil, be sure to check it before each time you use it. If the level is low, it could cause serious damage to the compressor. After 500 – 1000 hours of use, it is necessary to change the oil with fresh oil.

3. Drain water collectors and oil removal.

Filters, air tanks, dryers and separators designed for water and oil removal can only operate efficiently if contaminants are periodically removed from the system. Make sure the drains for these work properly. If there is a test button in the drain, use it. A better option is to watch closely, as it fills and turns on its own. If the drain has a bypass, open it and examine the condensation of water trapped above the drain behind a blocked line.

4. Clean the air filter.

If your air filter is dirty, the compressor will have to work harder and use more energy to do the job. You will also be running the risk of contaminating the compressor. Regularly check all your filters and change them if they have any heavy structure of dust and dirt. If you rarely use your compressor, change the air filter every 3-6 months.

5. Replace the spacer element.

The separating element is responsible for avoiding the excessive use of oil. But if you do not replace it periodically, your energy costs will go up. For each drop of 2 PSI in the separator pressure, the energy costs will increase by 1%. It is much cheaper to change the separation element than it is to increase energy costs continuously over time.

6. Keep your ears and eyes OPEN !

Being “on the lookout” for abnormal sounds, overheating, slip bands and excessive vibrations. These are signs that something may be happening. Inspect and find what is causing the anomaly and solve it before it causes serious damage. Inform yourself and you will be more familiar with how caliber readings should be. Be aware of the indicator readings that are outside the normal spectrum, and keep a written record of the main readings such as oil temperature and pressure, engine amperage and discharge pressure.

7. Always check for leaks.

Leaks in the air compressor will significantly affect the result. 25% or more of the compressed air that is generated is lost through a leak, so be sure to check the entire system for air leaks around the gaskets and fittings. An ultrasonic leak detector can be used for this, the common problem areas that should be addressed are the control lines and accessories, valves, clamps and connectors, air pressure safety valves, flexible joint fittings, pipes and fittings for pressure gauge.

8. Maintain the proper temperature.

Check your owner’s manual for the proper operating temperature, and make sure you are operating at an acceptable temperature. Following the steps above, you better make sure not to exceed the recommended operating temperature.

9. Keep it clean.

A dirty compressor is a damaged compressor. Your air compressor should not leak oil. Do not allow dust to accumulate in the pump, motor or in the area around the cooling fin. The accumulation of dust prevents ventilation and adequate heat release. Keeping the compressor clean and sealed correctly will help you manage the proper temperature and maintain a smoother operation.

10. To supply filters and other important parts.

If you do not have what you need, you are more likely to not be able to do what you need. Keep filters and other maintenance supplies on hand to be able to change them and repair problems as soon as possible.

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