Basic tips for the maintenance of your inflatable kayak

kayak repair

After spending a nice day outdoors practicing your favorite hobbies, it’s time to pick up. Whether it is an inflatable kayak or a rigid kayak, it is advisable to rinse with fresh water if you have been at sea. Dry the boat and tools before storing them. Keeping the inflatable kayak wet can generate a bad smell. What I usually do with mine is to take it out of the bag and hang it or leave it spread out on the floor. In my case, it is enough with 24 hours for it to dry completely. Once dry, you can keep it in the transport bag that is served with the kayak or if you have a transport car or sheath.

How to repair a puncture in an inflatable kayak

Although quality kayaks such as those of Intex and Sevylor are resistant and already have their reinforcements, it is possible that we may have some mishap and may be punctured. Let’s not be alarmed. Intex kayaks come with a repair kit as is the case with the Explorer K2, the best-selling model last year.

The way to fix a puncture in an inflatable kayak would be; First, locate the air leak. We can locate it in two ways, with the kayak swollen and in the maximum possible silence, we will look for the flight. If it were so small that we do not find it, we will have to resort to submerging the kayak in the water to see where the air bubbles come from. It will be necessary to submerge the kayak with very little air to submerge it. If the inflatable kayak has a canvas cover and the swollen plastic is inside, we should remove it from there.

In any case, once the puncture is found, we will make sure nothing has been left stuck. We will clean and dry the area very well. With the repair kit, the glue will be applied to the puncture site. Some kits carry a small sandpaper to briefly sand the area and open the pore of the plastic so that the glue takes more. With the glue put on the patch and the puncture, we will join both parts and let it dry for 24 hours.

It is important that during this time the area does not move and that it is flat without bends or tensions . The repair kits are easy to find and as a rescue case, a bicycle patch would be worth it, even if it does not look very attractive.


Can I take my dog in the inflatable kayak?

In principle flatly NO. And I say in principle because the kayaks have not been made for our pets to go since all the reinforcements are on the sides and bottom . The weakest area of an inflatable kayak, however good it may be, will always be the top part, just where they lean up and down.

From MegaPools we advise against taking animals . That said, we also want to say that we have known about customers and even I have taken my dog in the inflatable kayak and nothing has happened. Luck? I do not know, you also have to take into account the weight of the dog and the nails that it has, the way it has to climb and the activity of the dog during the crossing. In my case, my dog is small, it only weighs 6 Kg.

Benefits of kayaking

A kayak is a very fun element if you are lucky enough to have the sea, a swamp or a river nearby. The kayak allows you to enjoy the sun, the breeze, the landscapes and the water while you do sport. Your mind is released leaving behind problems and stress. Your lungs open up and collect more pure air, the muscles tone and activate, the joints harden. At the heart level, your heart will rise in intensity and you will burn more calories.

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